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Mothers’ health is improving across Africa

In recent years, the shrill cries of a newborn baby have been bringing more shouts of joy than of anguish in maternity wards across Africa. That is because maternal deaths … Continue reading

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What’s the Connection Between Infidelity and the Spread of HIV?

Researchers set out to determine the proportion of HIV transmission that occurs in cohabiting heterosexual partners. The share of the burden between couples verses single individuals has been a debated topic and … Continue reading

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Malawi President Joyce Banda makes news for commitment to maternal health

President Joyce Banda has made improving maternal health a centerpiece of her Presidency since taking office last spring, and her first “State of the Nation” address is no exception. The … Continue reading

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Women’s lives put at risk in India by private healthcare providers

Profoundly shocking stories are coming out of India about the exploitation of poor, ill-educated or illiterate women at the hands of doctors in private hospitals. Thousands are being given hysterectomies and caesareans that they … Continue reading

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The Indian Women Pushed into Hysterectomies

Thousands of Indian women are having their wombs removed in operations that campaigners say are unnecessary and only performed to make money for unscrupulous private doctors. Sunita is uncertain of … Continue reading

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Church Officials Call on Filipinos to Campaign Against Birth Control Law

MANILA — After losing a battle to stop the passage of a contentious birth control law, Roman Catholic Church officials on Tuesday dug in and instructed their millions of followers to campaign … Continue reading

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Abortion in India: Legal, But Not Always Safe

Every year, nearly 70,000 women around the world die because they do not have access to safe abortion services or are refused care by health care providers. Legal restrictions and … Continue reading

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World Health Organization Issues New Recommendations: Task-Shifting for Maternal and Newborn Health

The World Health Organization recently launched a new website with detailed recommendations for how countries can improve access to critical maternal and newborn health interventions through task-shifting. The new guidelines include an interactive feature where policymakers can … Continue reading

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Maternal Mortality by Dickenson College Students

This is a video we created for our Global Economy video project at Dickinson College. The problem of maternal mortality is a widely overlooked global issue that many people do … Continue reading

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The Science of ‘Plan B’ – Emergency Contraception

What happens when the condom breaks? Find out what’s behind “Plan B” – otherwise known as emergency contraception. Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter … Continue reading

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