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Women’s silent killer – rights missing from sexual and reproductive health policies worldwide

Amnesty International recently put out a press release with findings from their own experiences and research that show that the true leading cause of women’s death isn’t the lack of … Continue reading

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What’s the Connection Between Infidelity and the Spread of HIV?

Researchers set out to determine the proportion of HIV transmission that occurs in cohabiting heterosexual partners. The share of the burden between couples verses single individuals has been a debated topic and … Continue reading

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Women’s lives put at risk in India by private healthcare providers

Profoundly shocking stories are coming out of India about the exploitation of poor, ill-educated or illiterate women at the hands of doctors in private hospitals. Thousands are being given hysterectomies and caesareans that they … Continue reading

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The Indian Women Pushed into Hysterectomies

Thousands of Indian women are having their wombs removed in operations that campaigners say are unnecessary and only performed to make money for unscrupulous private doctors. Sunita is uncertain of … Continue reading

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Vietnam health officials call for more sex education

The only birth-control measure that she uses is the rhythm method, where previous menstrual cycles are calculated to estimate the chances of fertility. Scientists have shown that the method is … Continue reading

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How the 2012 Presidential Election Affects Your Health

Women’s health was a hot issue in this year’s presidential election, and now that we know that President Obama will be in the White House for a second term, you … Continue reading

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