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The Obama Budget and Global Maternal and Reproductive Health

There’s good news in the recent budget request from the White House for those interested in global maternal and reproductive health issues. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Policy Tracker, the FY 2014 budget request shows an increase of 12.6% from FY 2013 for maternal and child health funding through USAID. In addition, the administration is asking for a 1.3% increase for family planning and reproductive health.

The full comparison chart created by the Kaiser Foundation can be accessed here:

Planned Parenthood – the largest US provider of reproductive health services – released a generally positive response to Obama’s budget. Among the points of note:

“President Obama’s budget makes critical investments to expand women’s access to health care at home and abroad through Medicaid, Title X, and international family planning programs.  His budget would protect the essential care provided by Medicaid and lift barriers to access to reproductive health care for women.

“The president’s budget also supports increased investments in family planning and reproductive health programs for women around the world as a part of a comprehensive U.S. global health strategy.  Over the last several years, the sequester and Congress’ budget cuts to the international family planning program have resulted in millions of women losing access to basic, lifesaving birth control supplies and services, leading to hundreds of thousands of unintended pregnancies, and thousands of preventable maternal deaths.

“However, we are disappointed that the budget does not remove all restrictions on women’s ability to access the full range of reproductive health care services.  We look forward to working with the president and Congress to remove these restrictions.”


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