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Impact of Maternal and Child Health Private Expenditure on Poverty and Inequity in Bangladesh: Maternal and Child Health Expenditure in Bangladesh – Technical Report

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has just released a new report on the impact of private maternal and child health expenditures on poverty in Bangladesh. From the ADB:

The objectives of this study are to estimate the levels of public and private spending on MNCH patient care services in Bangladesh and their distribution by types of service. The study focuses on spending on patient treatment, and thus excludes spending mostly by the government on community and public health programs, such as social marketing of population interventions and the sale of contraceptives. To do this, the study makes use of the Bangladesh Facility Efficiency Survey 2011, which was funded by this technical assistance project,1 as well as other datasets produced by the Health Economics Unit, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

This study used a number of different data sources and innovative methods to determine overall expenditures on MNCH treatment, and how they are financed. The findings suggest the need for substantial increases in public funding of MNCH services, with the prioritization of increased funding to childbirth care and improving the availability of medicines at MOHFW facilities.

To purchase the report, visit ADB’s website by clicking here.


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