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Maternal Health Weekly Round-up (February 15, 2013)

TOP STORY: Mothers’ health is improving across Africa via @africarenawal
In recent years, the shrill cries of a newborn baby have been bringing more shouts of joy than of anguish in maternity wards across Africa. That is because maternal deaths are decreasing on the continent, says Gifty Addico, a South Africa-based adviser for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). New figures in a UN report, Trends in Maternal Mortality1990 to 2010, show that maternal mortality has declined by 41 per cent in the past 10 years in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more…

OPINION: My Valentine Invitation by Christy Turlington Burns via @CTurlington

This February contains a plethora of important events — almost too many to name. There’s Valentine’s Day, the start of the new Congress, the State of the Union address and several significant opportunities to look back and honor those who have come before us, including celebrations for American History and American Black History month. February is also dedicated to heart health so Every Mother Counts is spending this month focused on matters of the heart. Because women are at the heart of all of these events and because we’ve worked hard to attain our place in history, we’re especially focused this month on keeping women at the heart of the political process. Read more about Christy Turlington Burns’ Petition here…

Malawi President Joyce Banda makes news for commitment to Maternal Health via @MHTF

President Joyce Banda has made improving maternal health a centerpiece of her Presidency since taking office last spring, and her first “State of the Nation” address is no exception. The speech, which was published earlier today by the Nyaza Times, highlights progress toward the Presidential Initiative on Maternal Health and Safe Motherhood. The Initiative focuses on three areas: community mobilization, construction of maternity waiting homes, and training of community midwives. In her address, President Banda highlighted some of the details of progress toward building maternity waiting homes in her speech. This alone might be noteworthy – after all, how often do heads of state discuss the details of a maternal health program in a major national speech? Read more…

What’s the Connection Between Infidelity and the Spread of HIV? via @PSIimpact

Researchers set out to determine the proportion of HIV transmission that occurs in cohabiting heterosexual partners. The share of the burden between couples verses single individuals has been a debated topic and they wanted to try to get closer to to the truth. Find out their results by clicking here.

Our Two Cents: A Maternal Death in New York via @everymomcounts

A story appeared in the New York Post that presents a tragic opportunity to discuss maternal mortality right here in America.  You’d think since we spend more per capita on healthcare than any country on earth, we’d have the best maternal mortality rate, but according to Amnesty International, we rank 50th. Stories like this one about a young woman who died after delivering her first child demonstrates some of the reasons why too many women die in America.  It also demonstrates how desperately important the Maternal Health Accountability Act is to preventing other senseless pregnancy-related deaths. Read more…


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